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up at 6am to get the ferry to utila, bay islands...left at 8 cos turns out the ferry wasnt until 9.30. then at 9.30...after buyin the ticket and all we were told that there was no ferry cos there wasnt enuf ppl and we had to wait until 4pm!!so annoying..

we got a chicken bus back into town and found out info on white water rafting, la mosquitia (undiscovered jungle) and made it back to the ferry....

the ferry was the worst journey ever!it was the longest hour in the world and every 1 of us felt sick,...nobody vommited though. we were down below deck so we couldnt see anything so the choppy seas made us dizzy and it felt like we were being turned upside down! when we got there...we were with 2 irish lads...this place is full of irish....they found us the same dive shop as them.

we got the deal for 270 dollars for the open water dive....we have free accom for 3 nights and 2 free fun nervous about the breathin underwater but i cant wait to do it too...we are gonna be diving 18 metres deep..aggggggggghhhhhhh!!!

we have to do an exam too...course starts on sun so every1 is goin out wrecked though.not sure what ill do...