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just ended up going out for dinner last was too difficult to try and cook anything. we met the couple from the hostel in puerto escondido and andy(Canadian) and Terry (australian) came too...took it easy for the evening.had the bonfire again and cooked some marshmallows and chocolate on the bonfire a.k.a bbq!very tasty!!haha

this morning we were up at cock crow.---7 am!!normal work hours....we decided to take on an adventure which was to prove alot more difficult than first anticipated!!!

we met at our mountain bikes and headed for the mountains....just me,ailise, the guide and the road ahead....

the slope was pretty nasty and the extreme sport of goin through the jungle,mountains and the ppl living in the was unbelievable actually....very tough, dangerous and sore on the bums...

we did it however!!!26 kms in total!!!about 3 hours!what a trek!im sure the bones will ache 2moro though!and definitely the bums...sum up overall...brilliant!