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today we tried to do some research into flights..we walked all around the town and even went to the airport and the cheapest flight we could get was about 380dollars return..i couldnt justify that amount so i just decided that i would take the bus.

other than that we took a trip to a womanīs prison in quito.we didnt have to pay into it.we just had to bring some treats like cigarettes, chocolate, coffee for the prisoners..we had some names of some south africans, germans and russians so we just had to say their name to the guard.we took a taxi to the prison which took about 40 mins and when we got to the door they told us that we wouldnt get in unless we had ID.obviously we didnt bring our passports..we were goin to a prison for godīs sake!but he wouldnt let us in so the whole journey was a waste of to that eh.

so we just headed back..we did try to persuade him but he was just being a d*ck so we didnt bother wit him anymore.headed back to quito and visited the old and new parts..have to say that quito is absolutely massive but it is very ugly..and we dont think we are gonna stay here for any volunteer work..