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we were woken up at 3.50 this morning to get to the gates to machu picchu..there was a strange smell in our tent and i thought niamh had been lettin farts all night!how wrong were we...when we got out of the tent the porter went around to the side and started cleaning up something...our guide came up to us later and informed us that last night someone had diarrhoea and couldnt hold they were a level above us on the came over the side..ONTO our tent..right where niamh´s head was!she said she woke up in the middle of the night and thought that rain went onto the tent but that it wasnt very consistent..haha.....the irish were on the level above us so we knew it was one of them..not very nice thing to know eh! could u look at someone in the same way...we found out one of them had been sick BOTH ends last night.hahahaha we had a small breakie and were the second group to arrive at the gates..we got there at 5am and the gates opened at 5.30...when they did eventually open..we were like troops on a mission..none of us talked and we all took up the pace to get to the sungate first..we werent the 1st ones there..but u couldnt see machu picchu when u got there cos it was too cloudy..we continued onto machu picchu from there..this time we got there 1st!!wahoo!!!we arrived at 6.53 am to machu picchu..champions..the legs did ache at this stage.haha.. our tour of machu picchu lasted 2 hours..but i think we were so cock eyed that we didnt hear alot of what our guide was sayin..machu picchu was definitely more impressive than i had imagined though....we finished up at 10am and had the option of climbin winupicchu which was a mountain behind machu was too warm for i opted out.only 3 of the group did it..the rest of us headed for the shade and the restaurant..i think we were all done at that stage. from there we headed to aguas calientes on a bus for our lunch. we had to wait until 5 before our train back to cusco...lunch was at 1..buffet was soup for a change.. we stayed in aguas calientes and played our last game of cards as a group.. the train was so uncomfortable was officially worse than trains to dublin..we got back to cusco at 9.30 and were in bed asleep for 10!!!