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another dull day but we decided to go on a tour to find the big sportīs stadium about 30 blocks away from us-better than doing nothing and getting really bored!we found the stadium easy had absolutely everything but it was so run down..really in a bad would be great if they had something like this at home cos it definitely wouldnt look like that!i would love to set one up..if only i had the funds!!!my dream plan!

we asked one of the caretakers why everything was closed and he said it was cos there was nothing on..he proceeded to tell us how terrible it was in argentina right now..and how dangerous it was and how the government dont help with anything.the ex president alfonsina died yesterday so he was extremely emotional at the we listened to his pain..nice man all the same...we werent allowed into any of the stadiums cos we had no insurance..?!?!there was a swimming tournament on but it didnt start until we may go 2moro instead.

had a drink and watched some tv tonight and enjoyed a lovely meal of lentils with chorizo..mam would have been proud!!we did as good as the restaurant in el chalten..if not nicer!!!haha