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cooked in again last night and stayed up till 1 watching tv.this hostel is the best one we have stayed in!still have the place to ourselves!got a taxi up at 1 to the paragliding spot and the conditions were perfect so andrea got a really good flight.she even got spins and a bit more of an adrenaline rush. she was really high up...nearly in the clouds!ha.then they gave sarah another go..definitely her money´s worth anyways.

so we all got our go..was only 25 dollars each.apparently in alaska it´s 195dollars so we got a good deal.the guys were from alaska so it is a good source for the price!

then we headed for some shopping..i went to buy some glasses cos i lost mine a few months back but it takes 5 days to get just have to live off the contacts and have the driest eyes ever!did do something big though..i decided to buy a suitcase..sick of wearing creased clothes so no more back pack for me..after almost 7 months travelling..i will be leaving it 2moro night..sad times!ha