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slept relatively well last night considering our bed is the hardest thing i have ever slept on and i have my wet clothes hangin over me....the beds werent made for big ppl...lets put it like that... up for breakie...then left to check out the tourist information office and see what we could take on in the didnt rain today but it was still quite dull... we decided to rent out bikes AGAIN...and go on our own tour of the island and check it out for ourselves...we stopped off at a little zoo along the way.there were some crocodiles, pigs, birds and monkeys...definitely a small zoo but enjoyable all the same...we cycled the whole island and headed back to the hostel for some grub... went to the beach for about an hour this evening for a little swim. very refreshing and nice and it didnt rain at all so that was really good.. tonight will probably just be a chat wit a few ppl..nothing wild or crazy though...we have booked a snorkellin trip for tomorrow....i wonder how i am gonna find the breathing.haha