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plan is to leave for bolivia today but this time wit a tour.a new way of travelling for us so lets see how that turns out....we met at the agency at 7.45..there were about 10 ppl-got on the bus and headed to the border crossin for chile...all was easy.from there we went from 2500m to 4500m..we took some altitude sickness tablets so all was ok and i didnt really notice much of a difference. we got to the bolivian border crossin and it was literally a little hut in the middle of the desert..obviously they had no toilets there.more likely called the natural toilet if needs be.haha

from there we changed to a 4x4...dust covered our clothes at this stage.we were put wit a spanish guide (wit only 4 fingers on 1 hand)cos we could speak spanish and then 2 danish people were put in the 4x4 wit us...we thought they were a couple but found out later on that they actually were just friends...we took to the roads when we put our bags on top...when i say was a dirt we bobbled our way to the 1st stop..the laguna blanca...from there we went to laguna verde which was torquise and it was so beautiful....then it was a stop off at the thermal spas but we opted not to get was too short a time to stay there and we had been before in pucon..the weather was too cold for us....

next stop was the geysers..they stank..rotten was so horrible that we could only look for a few mins..but i still managed to nearly fall into one...haha..we were now at 4900m...high or what!!

we got back into the 4x4 and headed for some lunch..pasta and a bit of did the job...last stop for the evening was the laguna beside our hostel..the water was red!!!so cool!we got to our hostel at 4ish and didnt have anythin to do until 7 when we ate..

we were in bed at 8ish that was so cold..i had a thermal vest and another 6 layers..i woke up so many times durin the night and my face was numb from the cold.this altitude business really is tough....plan for the morning is to be up by 7 to leave for day2 of our trip in bolivia....