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i was extremely sick throughout the night...was up and down out of bed vommiting..and i didnt have the energy to get up out of bed for the whole day is the most that i have ever gotten sick in one day..not nice.spent the whole day in bed then the girls came back from the beach and told me of their changed plans...they wanted to stay longer in rio cos we had planned only to stay until 2moro and carnival only started we had to look for somewhere to stay 2moro..

got up and went out for some dinner..then headed to lapa to a local place that looked like a barn where they were playin samba music.the girls tried to learn the steps while i tried to get myself out of an awkward situation but it was great fun...a real samba night..we still got back early though..2..i was proud to be able to last that long after the day i had...