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we got up really early this morning..took the metrobus to the bus station to buy tickets for bogota..when we got there..they told us that it was only bus journeys within ecuador so we had to go to the other side of the city to buy tickets outside ecuador..we took another metrobus..where ppl are practically on top of u..not so much fun believe me...not in ecuador anyways.haha...

we decided to go for the ticket from quito to a place 5 hours from bogota and take a bus from worked out at 55dollars compared to the that was so much better.we had the ticket for 2nite though cos that was the last bus until monday so everything was rush rush rush..but we still had time to go to the middle of the world..quito is directly on the we went to stand both sides..just for the pictures really.funniest thing about it though is that the momunent is built in the wrong place.a french guy came over 130 years beforehand and decided to build this huge momument.they only discovered it was off 11 years ago wit the use of gps..there was a difference of 150m between the actual real point and where the momument stood.clever frenchies eh!haha..

the museums were very interesting and we saw some demonstrations about balancing eggs,your bodyweight and the way water flushes down on both sides of the was good fun.we got back to the hostel near 8 and rushed to get our things ready for the bus at 10!