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so essentially we had nowhere to live this morning.we planned to get a boat to an island 3 hours away and then come back on sunday for sambardomo which is the main part of carnival..but that was gonna cost a fortune so we tried to find some u know this is the busiest time of the year so it aint so easy to find somewhere to stay so we needed a package of 5 days..we found one place that offered the 5 day package and were charging about 40 euro a night to put 4 of us into a private room.the room was rank but we had no other was either take this or leave and not see carnival so we decided to take it..

we werent overjoyed wit the money situation but decided to make the most of it.our room had rot and grime and there was a tree growing in the wardrobe..wouldnt say luxury but still...we took it. we are sharing wit a dutch girl who seems really we went out to a street party that night which turned out to be a gay street party..andrea and myself ended up stayin out the latest and had unusual experiences at the beach side..wit lesbians everywhere..we felt quite uncomfortable and called it an early night.better off i say...sambadrome 2moro