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didnt have a great sleep last night and was wide awake at got up at 8 and headed to the gym at 9.30 cos the internet wasnt working so i couldnt get any skype calls in back for lunch and then got to call the girls to catch up wit the gossip...

then i headed to the driving range..found it alright but i have no touch wit the golf club anymore...very frustrating...i need a week of practice but andy has organised a game at the weekend wit a friend of his!so im really worried about that but i dont think i have much choice.

it was funny when i went to get the balls..they gave me a golf cart to go down..i panicked...i would have crashed the thing so i got one of the guys to drive me down but he told me i had a ig walk was frickin 10 minutes!they are lazy people..

got to hit the bucket and made my way back to feet are very tired and sore.

went to an italian 2nite for some pizza...plan is to do some volunteer work 2moro so i have an early rise 2moro and i think im out on the town 2moro wit the girls...see if i can find me some nice american here.haha