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up to checkout of the room 2day..goin into another DORM...spoiled in private rooms for the last 3 weeks and there were no privates available!!!

we got dressed and headed out to look for a pub at 11am!!!the one we were sent to was no good..there was no irishness about it and no big screen so we quickly got out of there..haha. we headed to retiro where there was a bunch of irish pubs..and we spotted the jerseys as soon as we came onto the was a day to be with the irish! we watched the england scotland to see the united fulham game too( terrible!) and then the irish game came on!!The atmosphere was just brilliant and the pub was full of was tense from start to finish but was just so good to win in the end so glad wales missed the penalty!!!we celebrated wit some english and another bar where we had food and then we headed back to the hostel for some more 9oclock i was falling asleep and had had 2 many beers...they make me sleepy!i managed to stay awake though and we headed into palermo to go out...i lasted until 5am but struggled alot..but it was great to celebrate the win..very proud to be irish today!!!!