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got onto the bus...that we were told would have 2 other ppl on it..what lies these ppl tell.the bus was well over half full but we still got our own seat each!good to stretch the legs but there was no reclining seats here and the toilet was apparently so rotten that the ones in africa were even better.this was according to a spanish woman who had been there..

it took us 5 hours to get to the border..we only had one stop by a guard who wanted to see our passports but other than that..the route to the border was fine.we slept for 3 hours before the gates opened and then flew through the exit of the ecuadorian border.the columbian border however was a bit different..there was a queue in triangular shapes around the person workin and over 200 ppl there.after some fighting wit the locals ..2 hours later we got through problems at all.they didnt even check our bags.

we got back on the bus and drove for another 8 hours or so until there was a stop and a huge line of traffic ahead..they had closed the road for half an hour to friggin paint the middle what part of the world do they do that?!?!so we had to wait for them to finish and off we went again.

stopped off for some dinner at about 7..which consisted of a soup wit chicken feet in it..we opted out of that one..but we were stuck there for another 2 hours for 2 coloured guys who went missing at the border but magically reappeared at night to get back on the bus...illegal crossing or what!!!

we arrived to the town closest to bogota at 6am.we were told midnight and got the next bus to bogota which left at 7..nice to get off it...