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so i have decided not to do a blog everyday here cos our routine has pretty much been the same every day and ive gotten a bit lazy too..if im honest. been to the gym every day since i joined...well i did miss one but that was cos i got sick.that is allowed.we have barely been to the beach either cos we have lots of things to organise for i got the last bit of my present for andrea.i think she´s gonna like it.the only christmas pressie this year.sarah has me so im curious to see what she´ll get...yey!love pressies.

so 2moro we are heading to a beach about 1 hour from here.we are gonna take some xmas videos on the beach wit the santa hats to wish everyone a happy chrimbo.especially i hope that turns out ok. then we are moving out of the hostel on christmas eve and are goin for a nice meal in a restaurant in the old town. then we have decided to cook our own christmas dinner in the apartment. go to the beach for an hour, go to i promise my mam every year...and then have lots of drinks to cope wit the fact that we arent gonna be at home this feelin very emotional at the moment..listenin to christmas songs on you tube as i sit in a pair of shorts and a bikini!it´s cloudy today but still manages to be 35degrees...

gonna go to the gym 2nite..surprise determined to go every day bar xmas day cos there was a rule made that we arent allowed to go then.but im gettin there every day other that that and im happy to say that im almost fit again!!!

other than that i have little else to report...and to whoever is reading this right now.hope u have a great christmas.i miss you all