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felt relatively good today..however our room is like a sauna..i can barely sleep there cos there is just no air..

so tonight was sambradome..the main part of carnival. i was woken up by a text message to say there was a security check on my credit card so i had to go and ring boi to check whether everythin was ok.we spent 2 hours at least tryin to get somewhere to take out money but there were problems everywhere wit the banks so they put my card on i rang them at 8.30am and got it all sorted. we got our tickets to sambadrome..120dollars each but well worth it.we got our costumes and were ready to leave at 7...we called to our old hostel to meet friends but they werent leaving until myself,andrea,sarah and donal(guy i worked wit in ubs) got some drinks and went down to the beach.there was a great atmosphere there..we stayed there until 11 and then headed in a taxi to was packed..and the costumes and ppl in the parades were much effort was put into the whole was one of the best shows yet.we left at 5am when we could no longer stand anymore and there was still one more act to go but we werent able for it and had annoyed a lot of the locals in our sector by standing in their way.

we got back to the hostel at 6am and fell into bed..exhausted!!!