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we have a briefing and de briefing everyday before our was just too much for me and i couldnt handle it. i was sure that i wasnt gonna finish the padi course. i told the instructor and got upset in the process of doing so. he convinced me to go diving a bit with him and somehow managed to get me back in the water.

i was distracted by the fact that he showed me a baracuda and some other fish and i got used to the fact that it was actually possible to breathe underwater. i got back to the girls...they all love it so far...we did some surface skills and did several other things to practice emergencies was a bit better but we were only 6 metres down so it isnt the same.2moro is 12 metres so im dreading that.

this evening we went to an open mike night..a guy did some beatbox was very impressive.other than that we just had a quite evening and were all in bed for 12...ish.