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falling apart at this stage.we have been goin out for the last 5 nights..this is the last one im able for before i collapse...we got up at 1ish cos the room was too hot to stay in and we took a bus trip to copacabanna to see what was goin on there..

walking along the street a pigeon landed on my i can confirm that they are evil creatures..we walked all along the beach but ipanema is a much nicer beach..the water is kinda brown in copacabana..there were loads of ppl dancin on the streets..still a real samba feelin about the place.

we had a cocktail and watched them dance away.then we crashed and burned and headed back to the hostel to lie down for a bit before our last night out.

we were ready to go out at about 9 that evening..we headed out for some nice food and then went down to the beach where there was meant to be a beach party.there was one but it was full of ravers and ppl off their head on cocaine..we had an interesting passerby..a male wit coloured red hair and a skirt on..strange strange strange.

it was just the 3 of us and then 3 english guys joined us.they were on vacation so werent backpackers like us so we went to their apartment for a nice drink and then headed to a nightclub that cost 30dollars to get into..too much money for us but we went was very posh and had a rooftop terrace where we saw the sunrise before leaving and goin home walkin along the beach.we got back in the morning..and again..fell into glad that we didnt have to go out again...carnival was officially over for us!!!