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so today i got up to make some early calls on skype home and then got my arse to the gym to get a good workout.then got back for some lunch and headed to the golf range to hit some more balls before heading to california so as not to make a complete fool of myself!

so i rushed back to andy's cos we were leaving at 5 to go to the airport..lucky me there were no buses goin so i had to walk/run back to the house and jump into the ready to go and we headed to the airport to fly to orange always andy had the whole thing organised so i had no real idea what was happening..he also paid for the flights and the hotel so i didnt to orange county and to the marriott hotel at about 8 and went straight out to a restaurant where we met up wit andy's old tennis mate and his girlfriend.she was a bit of a nutter( in a good way ) so the night was back to the hotel at about midnight.watched a bit of tennis and headed to sleep..up at 7 the next day for some golf.