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got up for the GYM today!!!was so brilliant to get to a gym..although the treadmill was dodgy and u could feel the electricity goin through ur body on it...i had a bit of a blackout when i got off the treadmill..i couldnt see a thing...(hope im not gettin some disease)...luckily andrea was there and she got me to sit down..i got a bit of a fright but still finished my workout..we did a 2 hour workout and i felt sooo good afterwards.. we headed around town in the afternoon and then i got to go to the driving range...GOLF for the first time in 5 months..and to be honest i was fairly bad.haha..but i was a happy camper there...was there for about 1 hour..have a blister now...oopsy...hope to get playin again 2moro