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our last weekend in South America has arrived...we didnt exactly get up early today but we had a million things to do...i knew we wouldnt do anythin on the sat so we did it all on the friday..packed in the morning..then ran around and got some things to bring home...all the necessary last minute things..

donal called at 7 and we headed to soccer..he was gonna play today...i was determined to win this game..unbeaten in argentina..however..we only drew cos our goalkeeper scored an own goal..literally a shot into his own goal!haha..would have been a good one were it in the oppositions net but anyway...donal was good but the level of footie was alot lower than the other games..i still managed to cut open my knee again!!!

blas and donal came over for some drinks at 10ish..had dinner and drinks and champers and headed out until 5am!all worse for wear afterwards as u can imagine but it was our last night out in SA so u can understand!