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up at 7 today and it seems that i brought the irish weather to orange county cos it was lashing when we got up. but despite me not wanting to play any golf we were playin wit andy's friend so it was a must. so we got to the course.i only had shorts so i was absolutely frozen and in the states ya rent golf carts so i never got a chance to warm my golf was as terrible as i expected it to be..i could drive the ball straight down the fairway but when it came to hitting any irons or chipping i was a complete disaster..i felt like a complete beginner but i got through the 18 holes in 1 piece and stopped myself from cracking up. we finished up at lunchtime and then headed back to the hotel for a 5 minute siesta.

then we headed to newport beach where andy used to live and he taught me how to throw the is feckin hard!i couldnt get the hang of it.i didnt do any surfing but we did get into the water in is winter there so the pacific ocean is absolutely frozen so we spent a whole 10 mins before we couldnt bear it anymore..but it was great fun..

headed back to the hotel and went to an english restaurant for a meal wit andy's fraternity friend and his wife.they have 2 kids so u can imagine the type of conversation we had.lucky i have years of experience bull talkin from golf so it wasnt too was a bit funny too though cos the wife got drunk after 2 glasses of wine,...she found something extremely funny and spat out her wine all over my arms and andy's was hilarious!!!her husband wasnt overly impressed...the meal was lovely and we left at about 11pm.good fun..leaving orange county 2moro to go to las vegas..