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so we got 2 hours out of cusco last night and stopped at 12.30 along the road where we spent the next 7 hours..tryin to sleep but wondering what the heck was goin on... at 6.30am we decided that we should probably walk cos the road was gettin more dangerous and they said that in previous nights they were setting things on fire..this was the strike between some towns and the government.they were fighting over their land cos the government planned to build a reservoir on their land... we walked to another bus past the block and they let us get on...then 5 mins later they told us that the bus wasnt goin cos there was another block in we got our 20kilos back packs and walked for about 10kms..we were aching and loosin hope that we would get anywhere cos everyplace we arrived at said we had to walk more and that there were blocks everywhere-it was horrible! we finally got to a taxi that brought us another 4 kms.there were kids everywhere tryin to slash tyres and get the taxi man for helping us out.they were like wild was scary...we took a taxi to another town about 10kms away..from there we took a bus for an hour and a half to juliaca..where we got to take a bus to arequipa...this is the shortened version of it all... we got to arequipa last night at 11pm and we were supposed to get there at 7am!!!aches and pains and disheartenment described all of us...probably the worst day of travelling so far!!!