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left bariloche today to go to san martin de los andres...u can ski here too but we will just wait and see what the money situation is. we got there at midday after a 4 hour bus journey on a was rainin when we got to we got a taxi to the hostel.. hostel was more than we expected but we were only stayin a night so we just stayed there. the visibility was bad but u could see that it is a beautiful little town. we took a tour around it.went to the che seems that we are doin his trip without knowing it... we went to a dublin pub for lunch.had pumpkin soup..nice taster but not sure if i would have it again. met some argentinians in the hostel who recommended us places to stay and also invited us to stay with them...not bad eh.haha got to bed at 10 cos we are heading to chile in the morning.