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up at 7am this morning to swap pressies..sarah got mine and she got me such lovely things..a new bikini, a beach football and lots of other small things..they were really lovely.will enjoy them here.then we headed to the internet to ring home to wish every1 a happy xmas.hard to be away from home but so good to get to talk to them.

at 11 we headed to mass.the least xmasy mass i have ever been to in my lasted 20 mins and they didnt even have a wreath at the altar!

we then headed back to the apartment to get started on xmas dinner..mind u i cant really take much credit for it..the girls did most but it tasted so so nice..i couldnt even finish!we spent 5 hours cooking and drinkin whilst we did good!played cards and then headed out at about 10 to the salsa bars and the was great fun...nearly as good as being home...