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got up a bit later today.flight is at 1 today.andy is flyin back to phoenix but i headed to las vegas.he is puttin me up in a hotel and paying for my flight so even if he has a girlfriend i think im definitely better off out of that my flight was delayed for 2 hours but i arrived in phoenix at about 4.

nacho (a spanish guy that i met in columbia) collected me from the airport and he took me on a tour of the strip and then we headed to the dodgy area of downtown where the main casinos started up.we stopped off in a bar wit an aquarium and then went into a casino to test out my betting skills.we put in a dollar into a slot machine and i pulled the lever..and WE WON 50 dollars!!!good start eh!so i bought the win for the paella that his flatmate prepared for us.we got back to nacho's place at 8 and i ate all the paella..including the seafood!!!very impressive.i also drank all the wine too so i was feelin quite merry leaving his place to go to my hotel on the stretch.nacho brought me there. got to bed at about 1..i couldnt keep my eyes open anymore.had a huge king size bed all to myself..i definitely enjoyed it!