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bad night sleep last night.storm on the island..also found out that there were bed bugs in our bed and a rat in our kitchen..ailise spotted it runnin up the wall just after we had eaten our dinner. our roof was leaking durin the night...thankfully not on the bed though...haha.

ailise was lucky and the bed bugs didnt eat her.they ate me instead so i took all precautions to ensure that i was not bitten again. picture this...niamh with socks on, long pjs and a hoody with the hood up sleepin in a tropical area. not very sensible. i used my book as a pillow cos i couldnt possibly use the cushion we had..rotten!!!

weather aint good again we have decided to leave caye caulker to go to ambergris instead...goin to san pedro which is the capital. sea was a bit choppy but we got there in one piece on the ferry. we got to san pedro at 11am and found a decent hotel. bit more expensive but really worth it.was nice having our own bathroom again..especially for me as it seems the chile con carne didnt agree with my stomach.arrette is being used at the mo so hopefully that does the trick.

weather is still not very good so we just walked around the island and booked snorkelling for 2moro...way bigger than caye caulker so we had more to see.we did some shopping ..bit bad when we are supposed to be on a budget. nice comfy bed to sleep on 2nite.happy days...