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we did something constructive today...we headed an hour outside bogota to the underground salt cathedral...using public transport might i add!haha..

salt cathedral was only discovered about 50 years ago so it was all very new and exploited by tourists but was not like a cathedral at all...but more like an underground mine..really interesting all the same...all the altar and seats were all made of salt...i didnt taste it to see but it looked really impressive all the same..the pics look kinda spooky wit the lights...

we had a tour for over an hour and a half in the cathedral and then we had some lunch outside..the scenery is so green and very much like ireland..only difference is that there are mountains here. straight after lunch it started lashing rain so we sheltered under some table umbrellas for about an hour.then ran to get the bus back to bogota.cooked ourselves dinner again 2nite wit strawberries for dessert..yummy yummy!