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up at 9 to get ready for the golf.have to say that im feelin nervous about it..he is a pro and a to the course at 10 and we headed straight out. i only played 9 holes but it was only 7euro..unreal eh! had a caddy too!i didnt know how that worked...i think that was my 1st caddy ever!haha.... the golf was an absolute disaster!!!i started off wit a decentish shot and from there i went from being a 12 handicap to a 36...i was a embarrassing to play wit a pro and not being able to hit the ball out of ur way...i think i played 2 good shots..out of the 100others!!!all the same though it was a great experience and the course is was i admired that more than anything else..i can safely say that i lost the round!he wants me to play again 2moro or sat..i dont want to pick up another club!