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so today i was completely on my las vegas...not in the most random place in the world... got up a bit later than left the hotel and headed down the strip walking to all the hotels includin the venetian...but my god was it i had to take a detour to some shops to buy myself something warmer to an abercrombie huddie...lucky i had a small size cos there was a sale on some of the clothes so got the fleece for 20 dollars..nice one...did a bit more shopping but stopped myself from buying a lot of things cos my luggage is already overweight!so just got a pair of denim shorts and that was that.

walked until the end of the strip to a building called the stratosphere which is 110 blocks tall and they have some amusements on the top and a great view of the i went to the top.the lift climbed at a speed of 20 miles per hour so we were at the top in less than a minute..altogether very impressive indeed. got back to the hotel at 6 and had to meet nacho at 6.30 to go to a show called mystere.made it just in time after having a shower and changing..the show started at 7....90 dollars for the ticket but it was completely worth it.i had goosebumps the whole way through the show..ppl flying out of the roof, balancin on each other and doing flips, jumps was the most impressive thing ive ever seen.lasted an hour and a half in much fun.

i met nacho that night and we went to a bar outside the was like an old english library...definitely different to any normal bar..but everything is different in vegas...after 3 margaritas and a good chat later we headed back to the hotel..had a meeting wit a policeman on the way but everything was to bed at about 3...leaving 2moro..back to phoenix...