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up at 7am to do some was nicer this morn so it was good for our trip. we had to be there for 8.but when we went where we were supposed to b there was no sign of the others...turns out we had to wait until 9.30 cos the american couples goin wit us had a problem and one of them had to go to the doctor. so much for our early start but at least the weather wasnt a problem.

eventually got goin at 9.30...1st we saw eels, sharks, turtles, schools of little fish and lots of colourful fish. this time we had a waterproof camera so we got the pics. we stayed here for over an to see stop made.

2nd stop....coral garden....very strong current so we were pushed from side to side in the sea and the main thing to see here was the corral.that was really beautiful though. i swallowed lots of water here and when we got to the

3rd stop....shark ray valley...i needed a plastic bag to vommit. it was only saltwater that came up but i choose to stay on the boat instead of snorkelling anymore.had my fill...sea was choppy goin back so i was glad to have vommited beforehand.

got back to shore at 2..then went for some food.

sat out for the afternoon reading my book on the beach..very a full time reader now.hahah...

tired tonight after an early start...had english army guys trying to get us to go out but we werent goin anywhere.

we have decided to stay another 3 nights in san is really nice here.