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arrived in mar del plata at 8am this morning..very foggy out and quite cold too..i slept ok in the end but when we checked into the hostel we were too tired to do anything so we had another nap-for about 2 hours but it was very broken..3 others girls checked into the room so everyone was coming in and out..fed up of these hostels now..

we walked around mar del plata for abit.had some lunch and then went on the lookout for an apartment..the argentinian food is just the same everywhere.such a sick of their food..itīs not even nice..with the exception of the steak of course!ha..

weather was really hot today...but we werent dressed for the beach...we went to some agencies to see what they had..and found an apartment in the space of an hour..on the pictures it looked really impressive...2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, cable tv, kitchen..really nice...we are moving in last night in the hostel 2nite!!!great stuff!