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up at 9 this morning to get my stuff together and pack my bags for my flight back to phoenix at 12.this time there were no delays and everything went to plan..had subway for brunch..healthy as ever!!the margheritas gave me a slight headache this morning but i was still ok. met a guy on the plane who told me all about this golf tournament at the weekend that was the biggest party event his son in law is a famous pro golfer from australia..he won the tournament 2 hours ago..he invited me to go and watch the game wit them so i think i am goin on thursday wit him.

spent the evening in andy's ringin the girls and catching up wit them.andy came back at 6 and we went for some dinner..then he headed back to work..which is really to see his girl but he likes to tell me that he is working so leave him to bed just after 12...was exhausted from the last few days but had great fun all the same....