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got to the beach this morning.after listening to girls snoring all night..who would have thought that girls snore louder than guys!!!kept myself and andrea awake!!!

it was windy but the sun was out so we spent about 3 hours in the sun!and then some old perv came over and invited us to come and live with him and go out for dinner with him.we took his number with no intention of calling but he was a very persistant old man..takin advantage of foreigners!ha..not us though!!!

we packed up out stuff and got dropped off at the agency.he brought us to the apartment.this apartment is right in the centre of town...couldnt be more central...only payin 200euro each for the month and we have our own space,food and privacy..mind u..the pictures made the place a lot nicer.when we walked in the place was a bit dirty and there were no bed covers or we had to do some shopping that evening...

we had our own home cooked meal and seeing as it was a friday night..we decided to go out on the town!!sure why not!!!mind u..we are in argentina so we stayed in until 1am..cos no one goes out until then!mental time but hey..itīs their way!