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arrived at the beach yesterday at about 5 after a 3k cycle on our granny bikes...the heat had calmed down at this stage...we went onto a little private beach which was about the size of a garden... there were only about 15 ppl on it...

i spotted a woman in front of me who looked quite familiar...i shrugged it off cos i wouldnt imagine knowing anyone on a beach in mexico...however i looked again and saw that the man she was wit was familiar too...i mentioned it to ailise that i thought i recognised the woman but she didnt pass any heed of it either.

when ailise was in the sea, i took it upon myself to go over to the couple at the risk of making a complete fool of and ever...i was was a couple from the golf club in baltray who were over visiting their daughter and her family in washington and were having a vacation in tulum!!!eithne and val mcleer...i couldnt believe that of all the places to be....i would meet someone from was so shocking...they didnt recognise me 1st but once i mentioned clicked!!!!

we were treated for dinner with them that,ailise and the family...went to a lovely restaurant along the shoreline...was such a nice evening. got home just after 10...i had a margherita...they are very strong over here. eithne found them stronger though...haha....what a bizarre evening but very good!!

..had pancakes for breakie this morning...was lovely but im not a huge fan of the pancakers...ate them anyway..cant be turnin down food eh!!!

got down to the beach at 11.went to a closer beach this time...only 15 mins on the there...and wow...what a gorgeous beach on the caribbean sea....clear waters and sand that u find in the playden at playschool 'as ailise described it' ....haha...

we lasted 2 hours there...we get bored doin the auld sunbathing!so cylced back at 1ish for some lunch...had a sambo...not too filling but tasty...

we are out of the sun at the mo cos it is too powerful....have no plans at the mo.we are stayin here in Tulum until sunday though...decided to stay for the week..why not!!!