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we decided to go skiin the volcano up at 7 and it was raining...but we thought that we would take it on anyway. we skid all over the road goin up in the was extremely icy . when we got to the top it was snowing and there was only 1 lift open.....we decided not to go cos the slope was kinda crap too and we wouldnt be anywhere near the top of the mountain...

we headed back down and decided to go to the hot thermal springs wit the was so nice to be somewhere hot..funny runnin around outside with the bikinis though...some of the springs were so hot...up to 46 degrees..but it was nicer than being cold.

got back to the house/shed at 8 after our bus back broke down and we had to wait nearly an hour for the other bus to come.

just had dinner and watched a dvd...went to bed quite warm for a change.