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got into BA at 10oclock this mornin.officially the longest bus journey of our trip..39 hours in total..glad to get off the bus in the end.

headed to a hostel found in lonely planet which sounded the best out of a bad was fine but pretty overpriced for what we get.we are sharing a room wit a guy from santiago who has been living there for the last 3 the room was a pigsty when we went in.he is an ultimate weirdo..playin the gameboy in the toilet and coming out wit the most random comments..

we got out of there straight away...went for some lunch and went to the net to catch up wit mails.havent been on the net in weeks at this stage...

today is our last day wit sarah before tommy comes so we went for a really nice meal in puerto of the posher parts of buenos aires..had a 5 course meal wit champagne and the works.we officially established that we are flashpackers..our quote of the trip ¨how´s the champagne´...not something u would hear backpackers say often but that is us alright..we reminisced alot on the last 8 months was really back to the hostel at about 1...