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up at 6am cos i couldnt sleep and it was lashing out of the heavens...this was our day for parasailing so it wasnt looking good..however come was a scorcher....happy faces all round.

our time was set for we walked up nervously at 11...i was slightly nervous about the whole thing..hehe...we had a 10 min boat ride to where we would take went very quickly and all of a sudden we were strapped onto a balloon and were hauled into the air.....laughing nerviously as we went was a tandem parasail so it was cool...we were told that he brought us up to 400feet in the air...the views of the cayes were is a very beautiful place. we got dipped in the water before heading back up in the air...a lot a lot of lasted about 45 mins but u can imagine how fast the time went well spent.

spent the afternoon on the beach...very hot smoothie again for tea...more like a milkshake but im tryin to sound healthy here.haha..

went out for some drinks a place where they played live is full of americans here but the locals are so funny. great craic to look at...they are all definitely stoned out of their faces..they couldnt possibly be that naturally relaxed....