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had a lie in this and ever im not sleeping too well cos i think i have some allergic reaction to something...i wont stop sneezing and sniffling during the night..i think the girls are gonna kill me soon.. we made our own breakie and then headed to tunja to get the bus to san gil.we took a minibus and the driver was a complete lunatic..i still cant believe that we didnt crash on the way..he was overtaking on bends and overtaking 3 at a time...they are nutters here... we waited for 2 hours in tunja for the bus to was meant to leave at 3 but we were still there at 4.30!colombians arent the most punctual but the bus eventually did come... there were only 1 seaters left so i got sitting beside a colombian my age..well actually he was younger than me...i feel old now!haha..spent the whole journey talkin to him...5 hours...about colombia and everything and a brushing up on the spanish and found out a lot about colombia..up until 2 years ago..colombia was a no go but now it is fine.his dad was kidnapped about 6 years ago..for 5 MONTHS..he was made walk for 16 hours a day and lived out in the jungle...he said his dad was once a fat man but after that he was stick thin..good way of loosing weight eh.... he was a very nice guy and we plan to meet him in bucuramanga for a night out in the next few days.... we eventually got to san gil at was nearly as bad as a full day travelling and the hostel was not what we expected..the pictures told a different story...the bed covers are filthy and andrea said there was mouse droppings on our bed so u can imagine how well we slept there...