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another crazy night but i have to say that it was one of the best nights out that ive had since travelling.we had such a laugh.i dont have all the photos to prove it yet but im tryin to get my hands on some....

we got home at 10 after a huge disaster..coleman got tired when we were out so she took the set of keys and headed on home...we only have one set of keys so we headed back together at 7 and coleman was in a coma. we rang the bell for over 2 hours but there was no sign of her. we had to wait until 9 to ring the landlady and get her to come and open the door for us..feelin like prostitutes walkin on the side of the road was an understatement...but we made coleman aware of our feelings when we got back into the apartment at 10 in the morning!

we stayed in bed until 4 and then keith and edwina came over to make us a meal..then we headed to the cinema to see the movie wit ben stiller and jack black...about a film of war or something like that.what a load of the bed early but food repeated on me so there were a few rushes to the toilet in the middle of the night..