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went to a mud volcano today...never seen anything like it in my was great fun altogether...

we got there and climbed up to the top which was only about 23 metres high.when we got up there, there were about 20 ppl in this tiny little crater...but they still managed to find space for us to get in.we were pulled over to the corner where we each got a massage and they ducked my head into the mud so i was literally covered from head to toe.after the massage we were pushed off to the other side where we had legs,arms and other body parts all over us but it all went wit the fun and it was great craic altogether.we stayed in it for about 15 mins.that was enuf.andrea didnt like it too much.haha..

we then went down to the laguna to wash it all off but u can imagine that not all of it came off but we looked a hell of a lot better.the pix will show ya what i mean.

headed back to the hostel for about 3 after a lunch on the beach that was included in the tour. we met 2 spanish guys in our hostel so think we are gonna have a botellon wit them on the beach for new years eve...hope it is good fun!