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got up this morning for my usual workout in the a good one done.was planning to go shopping in a factory outlet as recommended by andrea but the one that was closest was not accessible by bus and a taxi would cost 50dollars each way so i really wouldnt make any saving in the end. so after having lunch wit andy i decided to go walk around the camelback area and i went to a mall and ever ...had i bought anything there id be now looking like a 60 year old!!!

i walked for about 5 kms though so i felt  like i had a good workout and was all set for the basketball game.the phoenix suns against the spurs.huge game for them both cos they are huge rivals and phoenix were playin at home so i decided to go against the crowd and go for spurs...more fun that way.we headed to the game at about 8 and andy had it set up for a business meeting wit some clients so i got him to make sure to seat me at the end so i wouldnt have to listen to the silly business talk and i could actually enjoy the game. so he fulfilled that wish and i had a great time.shakeel oneal was playin too so that was really impressive.he is a giant!the stadium was cool and is exactly as shown in the movies wit the cheerleaders running around and the crowd completely involved wit the game as though it were a some stages i felt like i was the only person actually watching the game....but it was great fun..and the best part was that the suns lost so my team and ever..they always win so it wasnt a big shocker. got back home and to bed at about 1 after having some cheesecake!!!up at 6 in the morning for the tour of  the grand canyon...