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had a better sleep last night but i am still a blister face at the mo.i will get better to go for a run yesterday evening on the much nicer than puerto escondido...i felt fit again.... we went to inquire about doing some kitesurfing today but the price was 50dollars each for an hour and a half and ya dont even get into the is controlling the kite outside the what is the point in that..he said it is hard but come on...what a pity that we wont be doing that now!!! just stayed on the beach for an hour and a half..i have invested in a cap to protect my scar face from the sun...good i have a bikini and cap for beach wear now.haha... again..this has been such a relaxing time and our fave place so is like a hidden gem here....we have the whole hostel nearly to ourselves and are cooking in all the is great.... this evening ...another run on the beach.cant wait....makes me feel half fit at least... not a whole lot else to report....