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didnt move alot during the night for fear of a mouse falling on my head!but it didnt..but we were awake at 7 cos we are stayin yet again just outside the meeting fear of being woken up... our plan to do rafting hasnt worked out either.the river is closed cos it is too dangerous right now...we had kinda opted out anyway cos a guide in bogota told us that if we fell in we had little chance of all for the adventurous stuff but when they say u can thanks!haha instead we are gonna do the touristy thing and just walk around san gil for the day.we went into a church...felt very religious after that..pathetic eh! it is another spanish colonial town..very pretty too. 2nite we are gonna have a few drinks so we can get to sleep in the hostel.supposedly they are lighting the xmas lights in the botanical garden so i think we will go there for abit..feeling a bit more christmasy now.. think we will leave here 2moro to go to bucaramanga...maybe do some paragliding there.