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we finally got our chance to do the volunteer for a day in a village near volcano chachani.we had to take a local bus outside arequipa..that is always where u find the real poor ppl..the houses were so tiny.they dont have runnin water..speakin of which..they dont really have anything! our guide was an english builder who came over wit his wife (who is workin in an orphanage) to help out for 4 months.cos he is a builder he got the job of building a new we basically came to help him build the school... we mixed some cement and laid blocks for the day...they barely have the equipment to build anything so everythin is really really basic..the blocks broke with one strike of a hammer!crazy!we started off at about 10 and finished off at 3ish..the kids came at 3 for their english classes.they ranged from 3 to 14 and were all in one classroom.not only the age difference made it hard for the volunteers but the attention span of the kids was non existant..when we were there they were just making cards for xmas..not a lot of teachin goin on really but at least the kids are being entertained abit..they come from backgrounds of sexual abuse,poverty, etc.... there were loads of volunteers so we didnt stick around for long... does make u appreciate home alot though!we had so much..they have so little.sad lives!