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Finally a nice day today...we had a bit of lie in today cos we are heading out 2nite so we went to the beach at was still cloudy and a bit windy but it was 23 degrees so we could actually stay on the beach for a few hours...

i went for a run in the evening...3rd run since we moved into the ankles arent really healing but im running further each i feel slightly better and a bit fitter each time...but im still way behind!

made some dins and then had some drinks before heading out to the same place as last week. we are now on name terms with the barmen who gives us free drinks and is very nice..2nd time there..we move fast eh!haha..there were 2 stag parties on so we were slightly suffocated as soon as we walked in the door..but we could handle it!!!thunder storms tonight so we got soaked goin from one place to the sure we didnt look extremely attractive but we still stayed out until 5!!!