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as soon as i arrived in buenos aires..i had the directions to the hostel from i took the bus to the bus terminal and then another bus to san telmo..i found the hostel sascha had already got a reservation for me.went to my 10BED dorm wit 8 smelly was a huge shock to go back to this...i didnt know what to do wit myself when i got where to put my bags..and the showers were filthy...i asked myself why i had come back backpacking after what i had just and ever..i blame it on exhaustion.

so i headed to the internet at midday to get updated on everything...had to reply to 100 mails and get this blog updated...but it disappeared so im doin it for the 2nd time now...

spent 5 hours at the net and then headed to the cinema wit sascha for the evening.we went to see revolutionary road and i fell asleep in the middle.according to sascha it is a good movie though.i believe him.

got back to the hostel at 11ish and i was in bed at 11.10 and asleep at 11.11.