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itīs sarahīs birthday today so we went to playa blanca for her.i got up at 6.15 and got her a small bday cake for a little surprise and then got to do a workout in the gym just before we left at 8.30. we got to playa blanca and i was so exhausted that i almost fell asleep on the beach. we had a nice lunch there and surprised her wit the cake.

we stayed there until about 4 but there was no sign of our fisherman boat back so we got on the tour and paid half the price but it took an extra hour.we had some entertainment on the way back and were slightly seasick from the rough seas.

got back to cartagena near to 7 and went to get our haircut.i was slightly nervous but they did an alright job and it took 5 whole mins before it went fuzzy so after the meal i tied it up.we headed back to the hostel for some drinks before it all turned into a disaster. we headed into town at midnight and 5 mins after andrea got out of the taxi she lost 50 dollars.we looked for it but when there was no sign we decided to forget about it and headed onto a bar..literally 5mins later her camera was robbed from her bag that she had tied around her...i saw the guy but only copped later!we headed to find a policeman but there was no way we were gonna catch kinda ruined the mood so we got some beers and went back to the hostel to get away from the crowds.didnt get to bed until near 7.up 24 hours at that stage so i conked out in seconds!