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up early this morning...mam was finally arriving so we had to be at the airport at 10 to collect mam and paula..we got into the taxi but were late cos they got through customs too fast and were waiting for us at a cafe when we arrived..we felt bad not to be there to greet them on time but at least we got there in 1 piece eh.

mam hadnt slept at all on the flight cos she was stuck in the middle and her head was too low for the head rest..poor mam..absolutely exhausted when she arrived here.we went straight to the hostel but couldnt check in until we had to go and get some lunch to pass the time.we found a nice place in the centre of buenos aires..when it came to payin both mams couldnt get over how cheap it was-think we have forgotten how cheap things are here...we got back to the hostel and mam had a lie down.she was barely functioning at this stage.we slept for the evening for a little bit and by the time we headed back out it was close to dinner which is 8pm argentinian time and we headed down to puerto madero which is exactly the same as the ifsc in dublin...we got a horrible meal there which was not a nice way to introduce argentinian food to our mams but we let them know that it all wasnt like that.

we got back to the hostel close to 10.mam headed to bed and the other 3 of us went for a little drink and chatted a bit more.i got to bed at about 12...tired after an exciting day.