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almost slept in this am...was exhausted wit only 5 hours sleep but managed to get on the bus...half dressed and my eyes half open...was given out to a bit by the tour guide but i just blamed andy..haha...there were 8 of us in total..all americans except me...they were all very friendly and were asking 101 questions when i got on the bus initially..which was lovely but at that time in the morning all i wanted to do was i eventually nodded off for about half an hour until we reached sedona..(red rock country) i took out the camera to take some pics...and it turned off cos the BATTERY had gone...the one place where i needed a camera and the battery was dead...couldnt believe i missed the pictures there and they were actually more impressive than the grand canyon but i have the picture in my head so i guess that is good enough.

so i bought a disposable camera for the grand canyon..i couldnt pay 150 dollars for a trip and get no we got there at about was unreal...huge huge hole in the vast and beautiful and the snow on the tips of some of the peaks gave it a special was so nice.we had 3 different stops along the way so you saw if from different angles.glad to have been there and seen it.and i have some pictures but they are on the disposable i hope they come out.we shall see when i get home. so we started heading back to phoenix at 3pm...i made friends wit a 11 year she said she would send me the pix..hope she does.

got to phoenix close to 9..i was exhausted from sitting in the bus for that long..need to be walkin around.ya know me...had a shower and then headed out for a meal wit andy in the evening.the funniest thing happened...i didnt bring my id out so they actually wouldnt serve andy got a glass of wine and i had a taste cos he said it was good wine..the BARMAN came over to me and told me that i couldnt drink it and then 5 mins later the manager came over and took the wine from andy...cos i wasnt allowed to drink any of ridiculously sad is that..sometimes they are so over the i had some water wit my meal.i did have lovely salmon though.after that we headed back to the house.we were gonna go and see a blues show but i was too tired so we just watched a movie instead..sporty day planned for golf cos im playin too bad...